Our Machines



While volume changes with variables like temperature and barometric pressure, net weight remains constant. That is why we at ZimaPack pride ourselves in building machines with the concept of filling by net weight. ZimaPack machines create a perfect solution for controlling your product giveaway and costs.

Each bottle is positioned into a filling station containing it’s own independent load cell. The filling valves fill with a laminar flow and without any spillage of product. The valves are located above the container and do not come in contact with the container during filling process.

Operators can create custom “recipes” of any desired tare and filling weight. These recipes are programmed as presets into the human machine interface (HMI), limiting changeover time.

During filling, ZimaPack uses cycle times of 125 μ to weigh the product until the target weight has been reached. Once the target weight has been reached the nozzles close.

ZimaPack fillers contain a Residual Correction Feature, which even accounts for the last drop after the nozzle has shut off, improving precision every cycle. ZimaPack guarantees a filling precision of Sigma 1= +/-1g on 1000g. All machines are equipped with a No Container, No Fill Feature. The filling valve will not release product if a station is missing a container.

Quick Tool-less Change Parts are made simple with snap-in change parts that can be inserted and removed without the use of tools. All change parts are color-coded and can be engraved with bottle descriptions.

All Fillers include an internal and an external Clean In Place (CIP) System.
Some of These Solutions Include:

    • Rotary Filling Machines – Filling Machines with outputs up to 600 BPM
    • Inline Filling Machines

Reject Systems are also available for incorrect weights and/or Quality Control Tests.





Some of These Solutions Include:

  • Rotary Capping Machines – Mechanical & Electronic with outputs up to 600 BPM
  • Inline Capping Machines
  • Single-Head Capping Machines with outputs up to 60 BPM

Capping heads can accommodate a wide range of caps including but not limited to:

  • Screw caps
  • Press-on / Screw-on trigger caps
  • Flip-top screw caps
  • Sport and/or Push-pull caps
  • Dispenser caps with pouring spout
  • Lug caps / Twist caps

Cap change parts are tool-less and labeled with cap description.

Reject Systems are available for missing and/or crooked caps.


Monoblock Combinations

We can create Monoblocks specific to your needs including the following machines:

  • Rinsers
  • Fillers
  • Cappers
  • Sealers